Zendina Mostert: Health & Orphan Advocacy


Zendina Mostert: Born and raised in Canada, Zendina has worked in grassroots settings of India, Africa and South America.  She earned her Masters of Sociology degree and Bachelors degree in Anthropology with a minor in Psychology from Brigham Young University.  She conducted research with the Women’s Research Institute, collecting both qualitative and quantitative data on the impact of development programs in 78 villages of rural Mali.  Zendina's worked with child welfare services in Salt Lake City, Utah advocating for children’s needs in the courts and in the welfare system. As the African Programs Director, living in rural communities of Ethiopia,  she facilitated capacity building of health care workers, basic sanitation, literacy, microcredit, and education programs in several villages in the Oromo region. During that time, she also developed a program which provided children and youth with needed surgeries, including cleft lip/palate repair.  Zendina’s areas of interest include: orphan advocacy, child welfare, and health care. 

Her passion is using qualitative research to develop strong, efficient programs that advocate for and meet the needs of individuals in developing countries.



Master of Science (Brigham Young University, USA)
Sociology (December 2002)

Bachelor of Arts (Brigham Young University, USA)
Anthropology & Minor in Psychology (May 1998)



Community Development Network (together with Advocacy International, Salt Lake City, UT)
Director of International Health Programs (June 2004 - Present)
Provided backstopping for all community health initiatives, including: aggregating resources (human, in-kind, monetary); advocated for local partners within international community of donors, politicians, and partners; liaised with field staff to design, develop, and implement programs focused on access to critical healthcare (particularly pre/post surgical care); coordinated grassroots awareness raising and community capacity building for early response to health issues.

The Engage Now Foundation (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)                
African Programs Director (June 2003-June 2004)
Oversaw the administration, implementation, development, ongoing assessment and improvement of Engage Now’s healthcare, orphan advocacy, education, literacy, gardens, sanitation, HIV/AIDS and special needs programs in Ethiopia.  Networked with other NGO’s, government officials and communities in Ethiopia. Facilitated large group expeditions from the United States to Ethiopia.  Worked with the In-country Director to hire, identify, mentor and train staff and interns in Ethiopia.  

State of Utah, Division of Child and Family Services (Salt Lake City, Utah)       
Permanency Advocate and Caseworker (September 2001-March 2003)
Caseworker responsibilities: Assess and monitor families in crisis and children or youth in foster care, link families with community resources, coordinate and facilitate family and professional teams to work towards reintegration for children, counseling at risk families and youth.
Advocacy:  address abusive family situations, write quarterly reports with recommendations that are presented to the court, mentor at-risk youth in addressing their family situations and future life goals.

Women’s Research Institute (Brigham Young University,Utah)   
Research Associate (Fall 1997-Winter 2001)
Literature reviews, writing reports, field researcher (interviewing key informants, organizing focus groups, traveling to Africa, hiring translators, decision making, needs assessment, program evaluation), needs and situational documentation, survey, demographics, assisting in filming a documentary in Africa.
Travel to Mali, West Africa included the following duties:
May-Aug 1998    Tested Methodology, hired a translator.
Sept-Dec 1998    Completed ethnographic studies on 6 villages; interviewing individuals and focus groups.
Sept-Dec 1999    Surveyed 78 villages on temporal and situational needs.
April-May 2000    Assisted with the filming of a documentary.



Kidane Meheret Children’s Home (Addis Ababa Ethiopia)       
Volunteer (July 2003-April 2004)
Helped to hold, feedand care for the underweight newborns in the orphanage.

Wendover Midwifery Center (Wendover, Utah)       
Translator (April 1999)
Translated pre-natal consultations and provided sex education (STD’s, birth control,) for Spanish-speaking clients.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Quito, Ecuador)   
Humanitarian Service/Welfare Missionary (Feb 1996-Aug 1997)
Proselytizing, leadership training, health education, mediating missionary concerns, needs assessment, program implementation.

Kalighat (Mother Teresa’s Home for the Dying), Premdan (Mother Teresa’s Home for the Mentally Challenged) (Calcutta, India)   
Volunteer (Jan 1995-Apr 1995)
Assisting with various tasks specific to each of these clinics, including feeding and bathing residents, cleaning facility, assisting doctors with medical tasks, providing short-term bereavement counseling.

Dr. Jack’s Pavement Clinic (Calcutta, India)       
Volunteer (Jan 1995-Apr 1995) 
Filling prescriptions, assisting doctors, coordination of patient health care.



March 24, 2000    Pacific Sociological Association.  San Diego, California.  
How Do We Give Without Impoverishing The Receiver?

March 24, 2000    Pacific Sociological Association.  San Diego, California.  
Methodological Appropriation in Community Development.

September, 18, 2003 International Orphan-Care Conference on Family-Based Care for Orphans. Nairobi, Kenya.
Strengthening Orphan-careProgramsThrough Teamwork.



Mostert, Zendina (1998).  Pilgrimage.  The Restored Gospel and Applied Christianity.  Center for the study of Christian values in literature and the religious studies center.  Brigham Young University Press.  Provo, Utah.

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