Open Content for Development (OC4D)


Open Content for Development (OC4D) is an Open Educational Resource (OER) which offers an opportunity to reach more learners with content that is freely available yet previously inaccessible to those who need it most. Open Content for Development (OC4D) is an OER portal that bridges this gap by connecting people with knowledge through localized ICT tools. OC4D specifically aims to reach a broader base of learners from multi-ability levels through a cost-effective sustainable approach.


OC4D and ProLiteracy Worldwide (based in New York with 85 local NGO partners in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East) in partnership with the Community Development Network (based in Oxford, UK, with a network of consultants around the globe).

ProLiteracy Worldwide (PLW) facilitated South-South mentoring and focus group discussions during 1990-2000 in order to aggregate the most important critical content tools from sites facing similar dilemmas. OC4D seeks to increase access to relevant content for problem solving in developing countries by bolstering capacity of non-formal educators through localizable OER made available through existing rural technology centers.

OC4D was piloted during Summer 2009; the beta launch of OC4D was in May 2010 in Nepal. A second iteration is now in process with technical support from the OER Foundation (funded by Hewlett Foundation), WikiEducator, Community Development Network and Brigham Young University.

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