Nepal YMRC


Welcome to the Youth-Managed Resource Centers (YMRC)


Youth-Managed Resource Centers (YMRCs) provide a place for youth to gather and learn skills.  After receiving training, each youth will then enter the community as a facilitator of a participatory community program, facilitating discussions and skills development on relevant interests of respective rural groups.

Tulasi Meher UNESCO Club, Nepal (TMUC) is an established Nepali non-governmental organization committed to improving the livelihood of Nepalese through community action. TMUC’s existing partnership network will be utilized to initiate and support YMRCs.  Modeled after UNESCO’s Community Learning Centers (CLC’s), Youth-Managed Resource Centers will aim to attain the principle of “Self-help of the community, by the community and for the community.”  This strategy will innovatively augment non-formal education and life long learning activities at community level.


Youth-Managed Resource Centers will provide technology training and the facilitation of community action projects in 6 District headquarters of Nepal and in 4 villages per District (30 total centers).  This project will target rural communities, particularly emphasizing the empowerment of the most disadvantaged women, men, girls and boys in rural Nepali villages, including: Dalits, indigenous, minority, and ethnic groups. Each site will be equipped with appropriate technology, including: computers, internet (satellite, aerial, dial-up), electricity (solar, landline), software, books, manuals, and other education and learning essentials.