Natasha Ivins Birchard

natasha birchard

Natasha I. Birchard (MPH, BS)

A research practitioner in eastern and western Africa, Natasha holds a Masters degree in Global Public Health (MPH) from Brigham Young University and Bachelors degree (BSc) in Human Geography.  She has researched the connection of poverty, access to microfinance and health in Malawi, Zambia, and Ghana and has worked as health-literacy trainer in South Africa and Sudan.  Natasha is interested in the human development components of microcredit, including health, education and human rights.  She has conducted formative research for the design of a malaria module, and seeks to provide greater understanding of the determinants of health-related behaviors.  During the past 8 years, Natasha has worked extensively with African communities as a facilitator of youth leadership development and trainer of trainers for programs in South Africa, Sudan, Kenya and with the Sudanese diaspora in the USA.

Natasha recently completed a one year contract in Southern Sudan as the Program Officer for a large scale primary health care program. She has been engaged on subsequent consulting assignments in Sudan to support the demobilization and reintegration of youth soldiers; to assess the capacity of County Health Department and recommend processes for capacity strengthening by NGO and donor communities, and increasing community participation in management of health services. Natasha currently lives in Cape Town, South Africa with her husband. In Cape Town, Natasha supports the integration and acculturation immigrants and refugees through the language and skills development training.