Community Development Network (CDN)

We connect people with resources. This includes innovative ideas, knowledge-sharing, strategic planning, technical training, in-kind goods and financial support. 

CDN represents a global network of consultants committed to rigorous research and programming in rural developing countries. 

Zendina Mostert

Vulnerable Populations

Jay Griffith

Jay Headshot

Community Outreach

Natasha Birchard

Global Public Health


Nhamburo Ziyenge


Cultural Integration


Mitchell Spence


MicroEnterprise & Self Reliance


Some of our projects

  • Nepal Community Resource Centers (2004-present)
  • Women's Educational Empowerment Projects (1999-present)
  • Sudan Conflict Resolution Projects (2001-06)
  • Philippines Rural Micro-franchise Initiatives (2009-13)
  • Sudan Health Literacy Trainings (2001-06)
  • Sudan Conflict Resolution Projects (2003-06)
  • Honduras Environmental Literacy Projects (2010-present)
  • Zimbabwe Scholarship Program (1999-present)
  • Youth Leadership Initiative Programs (2004-present)