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Community Development Network (CDN) connects resources to the people who need them. These resources come in the form of innovative ideas, knowledge-sharing, strategic planning, technical training, in-kind goods and financial support.

CDN represents a network of consultants committed to rigorous research and programming in rural developing countries. CDN started in 1999 with several students at the University of Oxford. These students seized opportunities to aggregate resources and bridge them with others in greater need.

CDN gained charity status (NGO) in the UK in 2000, and was formed as a 501(c)3 (NGO) in the USA in 2003. CDN maintains headquarters in both countries.

CDN provides training, scholarships, and educational resources to individuals and communities where poverty is rife. CDN bolsters local partners who liaise with other local & international experts to do needs-assessments, create strategic plans, design & execute programs, and support reporting/evaluation activities.

CDN accepts referrals from CDN consultants, existing partners, and other requests  in harmony with CDN principles and our organizational objectives.


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